Switching Gears

Tonight I make the switch from tango to flamenco. Tango was really interesting…and in my last couple of classes I felt I’d made a breakthrough. My dance teacher seemed impressed, which was nice.  *By the way, if you are reading this Rob, the teacher looked a lot like an older you…same hands and mouth. The resemblance was rather uncanny!

Anyway, tonight it’s across the water to Southern Spain. I’m really looking forward to learning some new steps.

Speaking of going across the water, travel is on my mind a lot lately, in part I think because I’m reading a book about a family that sold their home and cars, shut down their business, and with three young children in tow took a year off to travel the world. I was telling Alan this and musing about the possibility of us doing that. His reaction, with slight panic in his voice, was: “But you can’t just sell our house!” Being younger, I thought he would be more of a free spirit, but I guess I’m the one in the family that inherited those genes. I can see myself quite easily selling off everything (or at least everything but a few family heirlooms) and hitting the road. Ah well, I guess the timing isn’t right for that, but that doesn’t stop me from planning and dreaming!


4 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. My mother likes the idea of that kind of freedom. I remember reading John Steinbeck’s last book called Travels with Charlie; Charlie being his dog. He got a camper that fit on top of his pickup and drove across the US. He had decided that he wanted to see his country – and he wrote about it. He hung out in a lot of diners and met a lot of interesting people – free as a bird. On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to talk to John Steinbeck, once he had identified himself. I could have sat next to him and not known who he was but I would have enjoyed having a burger with him.

    Some people just have wanderlust in their souls! Maybe Alan isn’t one of them.


  2. Yes, I am reading your post. It’s too bad there was no resemblance in our ability to dance. 🙂

    I know that feeling well! Real well!! I seem to get that itch every five to eight years. However, it seems to get harder and harder to take those risks as we get older and have a family to think about. When the kids grow up…maybe? I’ve been lucky to have a wife who’s been willing to go with it. She is also more practical minded when it’s been needed. If you’re familiar with Myers-Briggs typing, what is your type. I’m a ENTP which is apparently wired that way.

    In the meantime, I contend myself with adventures that keep us close to our home base.

    By the way, when are you off to the Camino again. One of my best friend’s wife is off today to do the trek with her sister.


  3. Hey Janet! Why not rent out the house instead of selling it, then? Would that make him feel better? 🙂

    Our 7- to 10-year plan is to get a sailboat and spend a couple of years travelling with the kids. Wouldn’t that be an exciting way to learn about the world?!

    If you enjoy these real-life adventures, then I also recommend Diane Stuemer’s book Voyage of the Northern Magicf.


  4. Fawnahareo: renting out the house is a good suggestion, although the last time we went away for a year and rented it out it wasn’t in the greatest shape when we returned. Your idea of sailing around the world sounds amazing!

    Rob: I can’t remember what I am in terms of Myers-Briggs typing…I think I still have the course work though so I’ll go check. In any case, I definitely have wanderlust as part of my DNA. The Camino: I leave in late April of next year. Turns out my daughter is coming with me, so that should make for an interesting trip! Please let me know how your best friend’s wife makes out…I’d love to hear her impressions.


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