Something that made me smile: this video, courtesy of my friend Ted.

Something that touched me: hearing the visiting flamenco teacher talk about what this dancing means to her. By the time she was finished tears were rolling down my face. I looked around the room and saw that I was the only one crying. Talk about feeling like an idiot!

Something I’ve really noticed: how much more frequently we are having to run the dishwasher and go to the grocery store for food, and how much more often the phone rings, now that Alan is home. All this will be even more pronounced when Iris gets back next week.

Something I accomplished this week: I got my garden planting under way…five kinds of potatoes, three kinds of lettuce, beets (two types), borage, kale, and corn. Carrots (three kinds), peas, turnips, swiss chard, mustard greens, onion sets, dill, coriander and radishes are next. Then will come broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and red cabbage. Finally, the tomatoes, zucchini, cuks and basil in the greenhouse and the various annual flowers.


One thought on “Somethings

  1. It took me a day to get to it, but what a wonderful video!!! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m envious of your garden already — we’ve really gotta get things moving in our greenhouse!


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