Don’t Read This Post

I say don’t read this post because for most people, it will be downright boring. Its purpose is purely for me to have a record of the vegetable varieties I have planted this year. So unless you have a keen interest in gardening, stop by in the next day or two instead, when hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to write about.

For now, here’s what’s growing in the taibhsearachd gardens:

Potatoes: Russian Blue, Irish Cobbler, Norland, Angelina Mahoney’s Blues, Prince Alberts (there’s quite a story to these which you can read about here as well as at the bottom of this post, Pugh’s Purples (again, you need to read about the Prince Alberts to understand what Pugh’s Purples are), and Early Rose (a pink heritage variety that also came from the Pugh family in Nova Scotia)

Carrots: Tuchon, Coeur de Rouge, Purple Haze, Napoli

Lettuce: Mesclun Baby Leaf Blend, Simpson Elite, Drunken Woman

Beets: Lutz Green Leaf


Kale: Winterbor

Radish: French Breakfast


Turnips: York

Mustard Greens: Southern Giant


Dill: Old Ukrainian

Peas: Sugar Spring

Swiss Chard: Burpees Rhubarb, Kaleidoscope


Cucumbers: Beit Alpha, Sweet Slice

Brussel Sprouts: Jade Cross

Cauliflower: Early Dawn

 Red Cabbage: Super Red 80

Tomatoes: Further North, Ildi, Early Girl, Brandywine, Sweet Cluster, and something that was labelled ‘Yellow Pear’ in the gardening shop

Basil: Marseillas, Nufar, Genovese, Sweet

Oregano: Greek

Broccoli: Green Goliath

Corn: Senica Horizon Early Yellow

Parsley: curled, Italian



2 thoughts on “Don’t Read This Post

  1. Fawn: you are more than welcome to potatoes and swiss chard and anything else from our garden. Last year though the birds ate all my swiss chard right down to the ground. This year I’ve planted it well away from the bird feeders so let’s hope it’ll be a little harder for the critters to find!


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