A Full House

What a lively house we have now! It’s great to have Iris home (she got back at 1 a.m. yesterday morning so needless to say I was a bit bleary-eyed at work yesterday).  Not only did we have everyone except Jamie around the dinner table last night (he was jamming with friends) but two neighbours joined us, as did a friend of Iris’, a woman who Joe works with, and her husband. Friends had sent us down some fresh caribou meat from Old Crow so Joe barbequed it. Slow cooked lamb shanks, potato salad, cesar salad, grilled asperagus and bannock filled out the meal, with an apple torte and some strawberries for dessert. 

I was pretty bagged when my head hit the pillow last night, but it was a happy bagged. Life is good!


One thought on “A Full House

  1. And a garden full of seedlings. That’s like the partridge in the pear tree! Glad the babies are all back in the nest. Happiness is a full dinner table and lots of love.


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