Off Line

I was without internet all week-end…it seems lately it’s been down as much as it’s been working. To be honest it didn’t really matter as I had little time to spend on the computer anyway. Saturday night there was a potluck with our flamenco class, followed by the Relay for Life, and then Sunday we had some people over for dinner. Add to that all the regular stuff one does in the run of a day (housework, gardening, ferrying teenagers around, etc) and it was a pretty busy week-end. Here are a few photos.


This was taken after 11 p.m. The idea was to have people walking around the track all night (since cancer never sleeps, neither should we). I’m not sure how many people actually did that…I went home before midnight. It was good to walk though, and think about people in my life who I’ve lost, not just to cancer but for a whole host of reasons. I was also happy that I was able to raise a bit of money for the cause.


All the businesses and organizations that participated had tents set up. Outside the vet’s tent was a display of convalescing animals, including this tiger.


At around 11:30 they lit the luminaries, which were set up along the running/walking track and up on the slope of a hill to spell the word ‘hope’. Beautiful!


Some of my teammates, resting in our tent.

And now on a totally different topic…who needs to spend money at a gardening centre when you can find all these beautiful wild flowers that can be grown in your garden? Some of these I grew from seeds and some I transplanted from ditches, dry slopes, etc. over the years.



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