Feast of the First Wild Iris

Today is a holiday around our place. I’ve dubbed it the ‘Feast of the First Wild Iris’, to mark the fact that our very first iris burst into bloom this morning in our garden. It will be a celebratory affair that of course will involve food. I think pasta with pesto (made with basil and parsley from the greenhouse) is in order.



4 thoughts on “Feast of the First Wild Iris

  1. I’m willing to bet that Irises have a pretty special place in your heart. 😉 Happy feasting!

    (Is the basil and parsley from this year? I didn’t plant any herbs until a few weeks ago, but the size of my cilantro says that if I’d planted earlier, they’d all be huge by now!)


  2. Fawn: Yup, both the basil and parsley are from this year. And you’re right…everything in the greenhouse is getting huge. On the other hand, I planted a whole row of cilantro seeds in my outside garden and they’re still looking pretty tiny. By the way, enjoy your new greenhouse…it’s beautiful!


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