Out With the Old; In With the New

Our garden is starting to feed us. We’ve had our first lettuce, radishes, green onions, cucumbers and herbs. And rhubarb of course (that was the very first thing we had). Very shortly we will be innundated with summer squash (we would have had lots already but for the fact that I got a huge number of female flowers but not one male flower until now).

Before we can fully throw ourselves into this year’s crop we need to finish off last years. To that end, I spent part of today going through our freezer, taking stock and making mental note of what our meals might look like over the next couple of weeks. There is actually very little left, which is a good thing. There is nothing worse than putting all that effort into growing stuff only to see it thrown out a year or more later because of freezer burn.  We are down to the very last bits of wild meat and berries too.

But Saturday is butchering day at the farm where we buy our chickens, so very soon the freezer will start to fill again.


One thought on “Out With the Old; In With the New

  1. I have cloudberries from 4 years ago, stored in double, heavy-duty plastic bags and they look just as fresh now as when I put them in the freezer. I also have reindeer meat from two years ago – packed in the same type of plastic bags, sucked free from air with a special do-hickey and then packaged in plain white paper. Vegetables may be harder to package so they don’t get freezer burn – but I’m sure what I have in the freezer still have it’s nutrional value in keep.


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