A Delicious Find!

The other night I went for a walk with my neighbour and her dog, and she showed me a spot where there were some berry bushes growing that she didn’t recognize. I became very excited when I saw them, because they were huckleberry bushes…tonnes of them! Usually I have to make a 90 minute drive to find these berries, so to discover they are growing pretty much in my back  yard made my day.

Grant it, I don’t find huckleberries as flavourful as low bush blueberries, but nonetheless, I certainly would welcome them into my freezer any time!



9 thoughts on “A Delicious Find!

  1. What do you do with Huckleberries after you take them out of the freezer? The same as with blueberries? Do you have to compete with the bears for these?


  2. Yes, you treat them as you would blueberries. And yes, the bears love them, so it’s always good to make lots of noise when picking berries, no matter where you are or what kind of fruit you’re picking.


  3. From what I can find they range from Alaska to N. California, and across much of Western Canada. They look like Saskatoons to me, but I have no knowledge of Huckleberries so I wouldn’t take me as an authority. In fact not taking me as an authority would be a wise course in almost every situation.

    From personal experience I know that Saskatoon range into the NWT. We had them growing at Ft Providence when I lived there and I saw some near Ft Liard.


  4. I can’t tell how high those are off the ground, but it’s about the right time of year for saskatoons. If you were able to stand while picking them, they’re saskatoons. If the plants are more like tall blueberry bushes, they’re huckleberries (although the berries don’t seem to be the longer shape that you would expect from huckleberries). We had saskatoons growing all over the place around Fort Liard. Yum, yum, yum.

    Janet, I suppose the easiest way to settle this matter would be to take me out there to see them. I’ll understand if you insist on blindfolding me and throwing me into the trunk first.


  5. You are funny Michael! If I can find the spot again myself (it’s in an area I’d never been to before), and if after that you still want to have a look, I think something can be arranged. You’ll need to take an oath of secrecy though 😉


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