A Foodie ‘What I Learned Yesterday’ Posting

Here’s what I found out yesterday:

-that the local bakery here in town sells bulk organic dried goods. You can buy a wide variety of flours, beans, grains, dried fruit, etc. I purchased a 25 pound bag of whole wheat flour, which I used this morning to make pizza dough (today is Jamie’s 16th birthday and he’s requested pizzas for dinner). There is no comparison between this flour and the stuff you can buy in the grocery stores. No wonder Swat’s bread is so good!

-that the University of Saskatchewan has developed a cherry tree that survives in Zone 2 climate conditions! That’s the zone most of the Yukon falls under. A true lover of cherries, I must seek out one of these trees and find a place for it in my back yard!

-that there is a plant called the Egyptian Walking Onion. For entertainment value if nothing else, I am going to try to grow these next year, if I can find a source.

Later edited to add:

-I’ve found out that universities in both Saskatchewan and Alberta have been doing research on ultra hardy fruit trees. There are everything from apples to peaches and grapes that can grow in cold climates! There’s one apple species called Patterson’s Pride. Now how can I not go for that one?!


5 thoughts on “A Foodie ‘What I Learned Yesterday’ Posting

  1. I checked out the Egyptian walking onion. It looks like genetics gone awry! How cool. It’s worth putting in just for the entertainment value!


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