A Full Day

My day started when I sat bolt upright in my bed at 6:30 a.m. and decided I wanted to can some jars of chocolate raspberry sauce to enjoy in the middle of winter. I’d seen such a recipe in a new home canning cookbook and I guess I must have been dreaming about it, because it was the first thing on my mind even before I opened my eyes. I figured it was just the thing for putting on ice cream or cheese cake.

Needing fresh raspberries for the job, and having frozen the last of the raspberries I picked a few days ago, there was only one thing to do…I splashed some water on my face, brushed my teeth, jumped into my clothes and grabbed an empty container on my way out the door. A half an hour later, I was in the raspberry patch. Note to Jozien: the notion to call you crossed my mind, but I realized no sane person would be up and about at 6:30 on a Saturday morning wanting to pick berries! Anyway, I spent the next hour gathering enough for my recipe, enjoying the sounds of the birds, and watching a family of chipmunks go about their business. 

Then I raced back home and got down to canning. A short while later I had several jars cooling on my kitchen counter.

But it didn’t stop there. I had lots of rhubarb still in the garden so I decided to also make some orange rhubarb pancake syrup. My recipe was actually for orange rhubarb jam, but by leaving out the pectin it was runny enough that I think it will work for syrup.


Chocolate raspberry sauce on the left and orange rhubarb pancake syrup on the right. In the far left are some dilled carrots left over from last year.

Once I had that out of my system, it was time to get some exercise. It was such a beautiful day that I decided a short hike was in order. I went to the McIntyre Wetlands, a very special part of Whitehorse that is a major wildlife corridor for wolves, bears, coyotes and the like, and a bird watcher’s paradise. A group of citizens is fighting to have the area protected as a park but so far that hasn’t happened. It will be a crime if it’s developed.


Just as I was finishing my hike, Iris called. She and I arranged to meet up to attend the first ever b-boy battle in the Yukon. There were crews here from Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, and one of the judges was Miles Faber who was a finalist in the last season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I was amazed by the strength of the dancers and by their ability to make their bodies move in ways you’d never think possible.


It is now past midnight and I am tuckered out. I am planning a much more laid back day tomorrow! 


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