Hard Work

I am not complaining. Let me repeat…I AM NOT COMPLAINING.


Gardening is hard work!

Yesterday, for example, I picked and froze another 8 litres of raspberries, coutesy of the patch at my work place. I picked cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, enough carrots to feed a small army and beets for our dinner tonight. I harvested, blanched and froze a huge bowl of swiss chard. After that came some weeding, hand watering, deadheading of spent flowers and general inspection of plants. In total it took about two hours of my time.  And every night it seems there’s this much work to do. Luckily I like to garden but even gardening can at times get to be too much of a good thing.  

By the way, only one squirrel was hanging around the backyard last night, scowling at me. The other was no where to be found.  I hope I get to relocate both of them…I don’t want to be responsible for breaking up a family. 😦


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