Joe is finally home. He actually arrived back in the Yukon a week ago, but immediately headed up the Dempster Highway to look for cloudberries and caribou. I was supposed to go with him but there were things going on here that kept me in Whitehorse. Sadly, there are very few berries this year (he came back with only a few cups of them) but he did get a caribou.

With the weather having been so warm, it was touch and go to get the meat back home before it soured, but it seems to be OK. He put it in the empty and awaiting freezer as soon as he got home to cool it off. Later he turned the freezer off so the meat wouldn’t actually freeze. He’ll continue to turn the freezer on and then off to maintain a cool but not freezing temperature for the meat until we can process it.

So along with helping the Rudge’s butcher more of their chickens and harvesting/preserving more veggies this week-end, we’ll also be cutting up and wrapping meat. 

Tis the season!


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