The Pain of Being a Redhead

This is really interesting. And yes, I am one of those who is quite resistent to many anesthetics. When I was having my babies, nothing worked very well, and when I put my back out several years ago and ended up in the hospital, the only thing that helped the pain was morphine.

I gotta tell you though, I sure loved that morphine! I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to float through the rest of my life feeling like I did while jacked up on the stuff.  Scary!


2 thoughts on “The Pain of Being a Redhead

  1. I’m not a redhead – but sometimes I think I am.
    I don’ respond to Novocaine until they have given me the third shot.
    I’ve knocked out nurses because the freezing didn’t take…’
    I saw Jesus on a brick wall while under the influence of whatever…

    But I still have my on hair colour!


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