What Was I Thinking?

When I ordered some pickling cucumbers from my ‘cuk lady’, and she said, “Are 20 pounds OK?” and I nonchalantly said, “Sure!”, I had no idea that 20 pounds (21 to be exact) would look like this:


And when the cucumber lady phoned yesterday to say my order was ready, in the midst of what was turning out to be ‘the day from hell’ for me, I didn’t think beyond going to pick up these beauties. It wasn’t until I got home last night that it became apparent to me that I had a situation on my hands.

First of all, I had to work last evening, so apart from washing the cuks and soaking them in ice cold water, I could give them no attention until about 10 o’clock p.m. At that point, I looked at them and they looked balefully back at me, and I thought, “What was I thinking?”

I dug through my cupboard to see what supplies I had. There was garlic. And lots of dill in the garden. So garlic dill pickles it would be. However lots of these cuks were beyond baby dill pickle stage, and besides, what would I do with 21 pounds of garlic dill pickles? I picked through them and got four pounds of littlest ones (none of them really little), and managed to come up with several jars of these:


But that still left 17 pounds! By this time it was past midnight, my brain was fried, and all I could do was put the cuks on the floor of our porch (the only cool place big enough to hold them). Then I scoured my stack of recipes. There was the cucumber relish that Mom made that I remember being so good. There was also a cryptic recipe for sweet mixed pickles that our family friend Gloria always made for my brother Roy because he went crazy over them. If I can manage to translate this one, it’s a winner. And then there were more exotic sounding recipes from a book my friend Lucca gave to me.

So guess what I’ll be doing tonight? And guess what people will be getting for Christmas presents this year? Twenty pounds of cucumbers? What the hell was I thinking?!


One thought on “What Was I Thinking?

  1. Oh Lordy, what were you thinking? And they’re heavy, so taking them on a plane to an open, waiting mouth like mine won’t work well either. It does make a great present though. despite the fact that you’re feeling overtaken by them. Great phallic symbols at the very least! They’d be good for a sex ed class, or fifty!


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