The Mounties Don’t Always Get Their Man

Perhaps I’ve just seen too many crime shows on TV, but I expect police officers to have good powers of observation. Apparently I’m being rather naive.

Last night, Iris had her purse stolen. This morning we got a call from the RCMP, saying they had found it. When we got there to pick it up, the purse was all but empty. They only things still inside were one piece of ID and her cell phone.

The RCMP told us where they’d found the purse. I asked if there might be a chance some of her other things would still be lying about in the general area. They said no, that they had looked and had recovered all there was to recover.

All the same, Iris and I decided to head over to take a look. And what did we find? Just about every missing item, scattered in clear view on the ground. There was her credit card, her bank card, all her other ID, her change purse, make up, a shirt, and her sunglasses. It turns out the only things missing were a camera (on its last legs so no great loss), less than $20 in cash and a t-shirt.

Of course we were both relieved. But we’re also both puzzled as to how the police could have missed seeing all this stuff.

I don’t want to appear ungrateful that the police actually found the purse; if they hadn’t, we would not have known what location to go to to search for more of Iris’ belongings. But still…that ID was in plain view, and it wouldn’t have been much longer before someone else would have found it, and possibly tried to use it for their own means.

This reminded me of something that happened to us quite a few years ago. Our truck was stolen from in front of our house. That time too, the police claimed they’d done their best to find the vehicle. We waited several weeks, and when it became clear to us that we weren’t going to get the truck back, we used the insurance money to buy a car (there wasn’t enough money to buy another truck). It wasn’t until the following spring that someone called to tell us the truck had been sitting in an unused yard in Whitehorse all winter. If we’d taken it upon ourselves to drive around the city looking for it, instead of assuming the police would do that for us, we may have gotten it back.

Bottom line: don’t just rely on the police to recover your stolen goods…do some of the leg work yourself.


One thought on “The Mounties Don’t Always Get Their Man

  1. What a good lesson. I’m sorry Iris had to have her purse stolen. No matter what it is, or whether you get it back, there is a feeling of having been violated. Remember when I had our first rent money stolen at work? It sure taught me to be more careful! I’m glad she’s got most of it back. Now you can go camera shopping together!


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