Communing With the Cavemen

It’s been a week-end of hunting and gathering. Joe’s doing the hunting part (no word yet on if he’s been successful); I’m taking care of the gathering. So far I’ve:
-picked cranberries and used some of them to make four jars of cranberry sauce;
-dug up all the spuds and stored them in the garage;
-dug up some of the baby carrots (the ones that didn’t reach their full potential because I neglected to thin them sufficiently) and made dilled pickled carrots;
-collected all the ripe and nearly ripe tomatoes and turned them into several jars of salsa:
-pulled a big bowl of beets for dinner; and
-harvested the last of the broccoli and cauliflower for tomorrow’s stir-fry.

My cavemen ancestors would be proud.

Trumpeter swans at Mendenhall Landing near my cranberry picking spot.
The remains of the potato crop.
The remains of the potato crop.


2 thoughts on “Communing With the Cavemen

  1. Love your new header photo. It reflects all your gathering and preserving. Not sure the cave folks were able to do that but you shine – and I speak as one who has tasted your wares!


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