Genie Unleashed

This week I set free a genie and she granted me three wishes!

Genie: What is your first wish?

Janet: Well Genie, Joe and I are feeling rather dismayed by the fact that our freezer is noticeably lacking in wild meat. Yes, he did get a caribou early in August, but much of that went to the elder he hunts for. His fishing trip to Valdez, Alaska yielded all of three salmon, and a moose hasn’t found its way into our freezer either. So a bit more meat for this winter would be terrific Genie, if you can swing it.

Genie: Your wish shall be granted.

And it was! A hunter friend of ours called yesterday to say he had more meat than he needed and he wanted to give us half a caribou!

Janet: Wow Genie, that was pretty impressive! 

Genie: Pshaw, it was nothing. What is your second wish?

Janet: Well, you know how much I love to do canning and pickling? The problem is my stash of jars is just about gone. I can’t seem to find any in town. Do you think you can help me with that?

Genie: Your wish shall be granted.

And it was!! I went to pick up Alan today from work at the Recycling Centre and someone had dropped off dozens and dozens of canning jars – most of them the wide mouthed kind that I like best.  I took some for myself and several more for a friend who also likes to can.

Janet: Thank you Genie. You are unbelievable!

Genie: No problem. What is your third wish?

Janet: Well, you know how I like to dry my clothes on the line instead of using the clothes dryer? In the winter of course I dry my clothes inside. But remember last winter, my wooden clothes-drying rack broke? I sure wish I could find another one of those.

Genie: No worries. Your wish shall be granted.

And it was!!! As I was picking up those canning jars I noticed that someone had brought in a near new condition wooden clothes-drying rack. It was exactly what I was looking for, and like the canning jars, it was free!

Janet: Genie, I don’t know what to say. You are unbelievable! How will I ever be able to repay you?

Genie: I take my dinner at six, I like my pickles spicy, and my pile of dirty clothes is right over there.


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