Day 2 Recap: the Dreaded Grocery Shop

I’ll start with the good news. Apart from one empty packet of sample sized conditioner given to me by my hairdresser, I threw nothing in the garbage yesterday. The packet – although paper – was foil backed, so couldn’t be composted. We have a very good waste diversion program at work, so all the paper I used either went back into my ‘re-use’ box or in the bins that, when full, are picked up by Raven Recycling. My lunch I brought from home in re-usable containers. I used my metal thermos for water, and I even brought some of my grammie’s hankies to work with me to use in place of Kleenex.

Now to the bad news. I needed groceries, so after work I headed in to one of the big box grocery stores we have in town. It started off OK: I found Yukon-grown potatoes, beets, yams, brussel sprouts and celery sticks, all in bulk. All of these I put in bags brought from home.

The pasta sauce was in glass bottles, which can be re-used and then re-cycled. But then it went downhill pretty fast.

The pasta was in plastic. The cheddar cheese was wrapped in plastic. The feta cheese was in a flimsy plastic container that won’t stand up to many re-uses. The mustard? In plastic. The European weiners? In plastic. The brown sugar was also in plastic, as was the bread and the tortillas. All this will soon, if not right away, end up in our landfill. I was so depressed I didn’t even finish buying everything I needed, and will have to go back today.

Some time ago I read about one woman who, as a show of protest, took everything she was purchasing out of the plastic bags in her local grocery store, put it instead into her own cloth bags, and left the pastic waste for the store to deal with. I’m not that person, but I may let the local grocers know how I feel.

Today’s task focusses around transportation. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Day 2 Recap: the Dreaded Grocery Shop

  1. great Janet!
    I do like what that woman did though. Even if i am not quite ready for that. But as long as we just accept all that over packaging, the store etc. won’t change it, right?
    Thanks again


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