Day Four Recap: I Don’t Think Seaweed Salad is Local!

I knew today wasn’t going to be my best effort. It was supposed to be all about eating locally. The problem was that well before I decided to do this challenge I agreed to attend a lunch hour business meeting in a downtown sushi seaweed-salad-triorestaurant. When my food arrived, I couldn’t see one thing that might have been produced in the Yukon. And along with that, the restaurant provided disposable napkins and ‘throw-away’ chopsticks, so even my garbage count was up yesterday as a result of that one meeting.

The day did get better though. Dinner, though rather unimaginative, was largely local: moose steaks, Yukon-grown potatoes, carrots from my garden, and green beans. The beans weren’t local but needed to be eaten up, and I wasn’t going to let them spoil just so I could boast that I’d eaten an all-Yukon meal. Truth be told, the butter and spices weren’t from the Yukon either, so even without the beans the meal wouldn’t have gotten a perfect score.

Other areas:

Garbage: apart from the paper napkin and disposable chopsticks, I threw away a plastic bag that held the moose meat.

Shopping: none

Transportation: carpooling to and from work, but I did drive to dance last night. I was really tired and just wasn’t up to a 50 minute walk each way on top of the 1.5 hour flamenco class.

Today it’s all about saving electricity. I’ll try to do better than yesterday!


One thought on “Day Four Recap: I Don’t Think Seaweed Salad is Local!

  1. Even if you don’t get a perfect score, it still makes you more aware. I have noticed all the things you’re talking about, but I don’t take my own chopsticks with me – and I guess I should. I have them and they don’t weigh much in the bottom of my bag. I think you have the added challenge of being so far north – especially with the transportation. It’s much easier to take buses wherever I need to go down here in Vancouver.


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