Day Six Re-cap: Shower With a Friend

The goal: to reduce water consumption. The result: nothing to write home about. Yes, I did forego a morning shower, opting instead for a sponge bath and washing my hair in the sink. And no, I didn’t run the washing machine or the dish washer. But really all I did was delay the inevitable…I will have to wash both dishes and clothes today and I am only prepared to go so long without a shower. I am lucky in that my appliances are EnergyStar rated, plus I will wash the clothes in cold water and hang them on my clothes rack to dry instead using the dryer. But unlike No Impact Man, I am not prepared to give up my washer in exchange for throwing clothes in my bath tub and then stomping on them with my feet as if they were a vat of grapes.

For me, I think the real accomplishments this week have not been so much that I’ve drastically decreased my footprint (although I have made small gains in some areas), but that I’ve become more aware of the ecological consequences of my everyday actions.

After this week will I change my habits going foreward? In some cases yes. I’ll probably continue to try to keep my garbage producion to a minimum (I did get a bit of a thrill the day that I produced no garbage at all), and whenever possible I will either carpool or take the bus. I’ll try to eat locally too (I’ve been trying to do that for quite some time) but I’m also not going to get myself bent out of shape if I eat a banana once in a while.

Thoughts? Do you think this was a worthwhile experiment or just some kind of group publicity stunt? Did this week change anything for you?


2 thoughts on “Day Six Re-cap: Shower With a Friend

  1. I think it was very worthwhile, and thanks for participating.
    It’s worthwhile to me, because there is an increased awareness, also in all who read your post.
    I think the changes have to come, because we realize, we love to carpool, read a book, etc. I am carpooling today. I’ll let you know if it worked out beautifully, better than indepence. I already know it will, but my thing is that i find it cumbersome to arrange it all, where it works out for everybody. Thanks!


  2. When I lived in the NWT we lived next to the diesel power plant and had a water tank. It was a great way to be made aware of our consumption.

    I’ve enjoyed following your initiative, and will be thinking about ways that I can improve, too.


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