I’m in Love

I love shoes. Beautifully made, colourful, soft leather shoes. Trouble is, shoes like that are not cheap, so I usually limit myself to one new pair every 12 to 18 months. This past trip to Vancouver I got lucky; I found a pair of Stephane de Raucourt boots at Value Village for all of $20 (his boots typically sell for $300 or more). Here’s a shot of them: a cross between a bowling shoe and a vintage ski boot…funky and fun, with lovely leather inside and out.


But then today, I stumbled on something that really made my heart go pitter-patter. Take a look at these and these! And here’s some more…I love the Executor Luciano men’s shoe that comes in electric blue patent leather!

These are a bit out of my price range. However it just so happens that there’s a pair of turquoise Fluevog boots that have been listed on ebay, and they’re batting their eyelashes at me. Be still my beating heart!

I will tell you in a few days how this love story ends.


4 thoughts on “I’m in Love

  1. 🙂 Janet, this blogging i love it. No, i wasn’t buying boots this week, but i read a poem which mentioned shoes with leather soles and as a reply i wrote a poem (not published or on-line:) about Italian designer shoes. I don’t know about you, but these ‘funky and fun’ coincidences, make me laugh.


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