The Lost Art of Mending

There’s something very satisfying about the act of mending. I don’t know why, but it gives me a little kick to make things ‘whole’ again, whether it’s stitching up a rip or just sewing on a button that’s fallen off.sewingkit

When I was a kid, my Grammie was always mending something. Most often it was my dad’s handknitted wool socks or the mittens that she made for us kids. Sadly, mending appears to have fallen out of favour. It seems people would rather throw out something rather than fix it.

Case in point: a while back I found a high quality women’s shirt at the local Sally Ann that looked like it had hardly been worn. The only problem was it had a button missing. There was an extra button on the inside bottom of the shirt, so it wasn’t even that the previous owner couldn’t find a match to it. So for a couple of bucks, and less than five minutes’ work, I have a new shirt that I love.

gucci_bag2And just today, I found this Gucci leather backpack/purse on eBay that was going for peanuts because one of its zippers was broken. Gucci, for Pete’s sake! They sell for between a few hundred and several thousand dollars. But for $34 Canadian, I was able to buy it. I will have the zipper repaired or replaced the next time I’m in Vancouver for what I’m sure will be a reasonable price, and that will be that!

Anyway, today was a mending day for me. I sewed on missing buttons, secured buttons that were loose and thinking of dropping off, stitched up a rip in the lining of my winter coat, repaired a tear in one of Jamie’s t-shirts, sewed up a little rip in one of my gloves, and then…because I was on a roll….I pulled out my shoe shine box and polished most of my shoes and boots until I could almost see my reflection in them. Most satisfying!


2 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Mending

  1. Me too. I mend, and as you know, polish my shoes. So satisfying. I’ve just picked up two pairs of shoes that I had mended. The shoe repair store told me that they are busier than they have been in a long time. Apparently the tight economy is making people think twice about throwing out their favourite pair of shoes. Mine are both now as good as new!


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