Pastry Chef and Nurse Maid

If a person were to draw up a job description for wife and mother it would be a long list and would include everything from accountant to costume designer; conflict resolution expert to cheerleader. Today it was my skills as pastry chef and nurse maid that were in high demand.

It started early this morning, when I realized that with less than two weeks until Christmas I had not yet made a single Christmas cookie. In previous years I would have had several different kinds made by now and they would be tucked away in colourful tins all ready for the holidays. Yes, it was definitely time to get with the program!

So it began…shortbread, apricot stars, thimble cookies…I was on a roll. Then Iris came home from a friend’s house looking like death and saying she was sick (probably she caught what Jamie has had for the past three days). Off she went to bed. After making sure she was OK it was back to the kitchen. Sugar plums, rum balls, gingerbread. I was starting to run out of steam.

Then Joe complained of not feeling well, and as the day wore on he got worse. Now both he and Iris were down for the count. I abandoned my cooking and put on my nurses cap: providing them with water and camomile tea, disinfecting the bathrooms, washing any dishes they touched…and washing my hands every few minutes because I’m so paranoid I’m going to get sick too. I did feel queasy a couple of nights ago but it didn’t amount to anything. Here’s hoping my immune system can stand up to whatever this bug is (Iris is complaining of aching joints and muscles and she has a fever so it could be H1N1).

Tomorrow was going to be ‘get the Christmas tree’ day, but I guess that will have to wait. Forester is one thing that is NOT in my job description!


One thought on “Pastry Chef and Nurse Maid

  1. Oh and ah. “Oh” for the sickies in the house and “Ah” for the cookies in the oven and in the colourful tins. I’d like to be in your kitchen, but not the rest of the house!


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