In spite of all my germ proofing, I did end up getting the flu. All five of us did in fact, in rapid succession. We’re getting back on our feet but none of us is feeling 100 percent yet. And Christmas preparations get further and further behind (sigh). I haven’t put one Christmas card in the mail this year, and none of us has had the energy to go cut down a tree. I guess we’ll cobble something together in the next week or so but it sure won’t be anything Martha Stewart would condone!

2 thoughts on “Ugh!

  1. Hello – I’m new to your insightful blog and really enjoy it.
    Sorry to hear that you all have been down with the flu, and hope you
    are feeling better soon. Try not to stress, this time is called the Christmas
    “season” for a reason, it’s not just a 1 day celebration. Your health is
    more important than getting cards out or getting the tree up.
    Happy Holidays


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