Christmas Has Arrived!

It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas around the Binger household. We managed to cut down a tree and put it up yesterday, just in time for guests arriving for dinner. It’s certainly not nearly as beautiful as Jozien’s tree, which I think is the nicest Yukon wild Christmas tree I’ve ever seen, but it will serve us just fine this holiday season.

Along with a couple of our own friends, two of Iris’ friends joined us for dinner last night (on the menu was Alaskan king crab that we purchased at a recent charity auction). I have to say as teenagers I could have strangled the whole lot of them, Iris included, but last night I really enjoyed their company. Thank goodness they all eventually do grow up!


One thought on “Christmas Has Arrived!

  1. Thanks Janet, i know about my tree, i feel bad, why would anyone cut down such a nice tree. I look up; it does look beautiful here in the house and i say, thank you tree


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