The Perfect Present

My kids have been stressing lately…stressing about the fact that they don’t have money to buy Christmas presents this year. It’s rather disheartening, since each year since they were toddlers I encouraged them to make presents or give ‘Gifts of Time’ instead of running off to the store with their piggy banks.  Some of my most cherished gifts from them are ones that they made themselves and I’ve told them that many times, but somehow the message still hasn’t gotten through to them.

Anyway, Iris was fussing, so I told her the best present she could possibly give the family would be to cook us a meal. She decided that would do just fine, so we set a date (it was last  night), she drew up a grocery list, and once the ingredients were purchased she set to work in the kitchen.

The results were delicious. She made a curry dish that included squash, potatoes, peas, chickpeas, coconut milk, and a number of other treats. Side dishes were rice, another spicy veggie and nut recipe, and a salad. It really was the perfect present.

Next Alan is going to take a turn in the kitchen. I can’t wait to find out what will be on the menu that evening. And Jamie? He still wants to go out and buy presents, and I’m still working on trying to convince him otherwise. We’ll see what transpires.


One thought on “The Perfect Present

  1. Having the kids cook is a great idea. So many people grow up having no idea what to do in a kitchen – myself included. It wasn’t until I started bach-ing at 50 years old that I learned that I actually can do more than heat up prepared food.


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