Could You Live With Just 100 Things?

I am envious of Dan Kern. He’s the fellow from Winnipeg who is, over the course of the next month, trying to eliminate all but 100 things from his possession. You can follow his progress on his blog. His point, with which I concur, is the more we have the less we do. Our things start to own us; engulf us; trap us. I remember how liberating it felt travelling around India and Nepal with all my worldly possessions on my back. There was nothing more that I needed. I’m looking forward to feeling the same way during my trip to Spain.

I look around this house and see thousands and thousands of things. Grant it, there are four of us. If it were just me, I think I’d get rid of just about all the furniture except the pieces that were owned by my parents or grandmother. I might or might not decide to keep my bed. I rather enjoy sleeping on the floor. I could happily reduce all my kitchen gear by three-quarters. My books? I used to love being surrounded by books. Now I have come to understand that’s what libraries are for. My CDs? Ditto. Clothes and shoes…hmmmm, I might have a problem there, as some of my clothes/footwear I really love. But definitely they could do with a good culling. The art on my walls: these are a couple of pieces I would hate to part with but most of it could go without too much heartbreak on my part. My growing wine collection…I’d have great fun getting rid of this with the help of friends and family. Which raises the question: why the heck aren’t I drinking  more of the stuff instead of stashing it away?

What about you? Could you live with just 100 things? What could you not live without?


4 thoughts on “Could You Live With Just 100 Things?

  1. I am very grateful for those memories of backpacking through Asia as well. While it now seems a lifetime ago, the experience continues to be a reference point for me. I not only survived, but also had a blast doing it. However, it was the peace and joy I saw withinin the families we met that has left the greatest impression. In many cases, they had less material wealth than I had change in my pocket. Yet, they had discovered what was truly important in life. Sometimes I need to remind myself what those things were.


  2. Hi,interesting,I’m 58 ,single 15 years and renting a room from my sister.I have gone over and over this junk I own,and after years it is down to one full sized pickup load.I’m sure some more of it can go.I have to find a place to live,amd I’m in Vancouver ,washington,and refuse to pay 650 +++ for anapartment,so looking for ideas.I am sriously thinking about a 32′ fifth wheel trailer,used of course and then I can be mobile if need be.I do want live in the gorge or eastern washington in a small town.I thought about building a funky wood canopy for my S-10 truck and living in it ,but it is too cold and I will be 60 soon.Also I do want to find a lady to be my wife,and a trailer would at least be warm and clean and have ashower and bed .I think this is the way to go ,what do you think ? I could also rent a small studio,but the trailer would keep me from living close to other people.I am not interested in apartments,a cabin would be perfect,but there are none in the city. Thank you George Pager 360-992-7111


  3. George: I know of many people who sell their homes and choose to live in their fifth wheel trailers. It gives them the freedom to go where they like. Good luck with your decision (and with finding a new partner!)

    Rob: Here, here!


    1. Hi,thank you Rob ,I apreciate your comment and look forward to others.I drove truck over 30 years ,and love the road and gypsy lifestyle.I think especially without a family it would be quite a trap to be bying a home.I don’t have any bills,TV,credit cards,newspaper,or wear a watch.I am a strong believer in Jesus and eternal life,and believeour time here is well spent loving people and encouraging others and showing them Gods love.Thank you again,and look forward to others comments.That is how we get richer,through sharing with others .We are all in this together.Also you can warm food on a cars engine if you are real careful not to let it get too hot.A semi truck engine is perfect because they run cooler.Food in cans can blow up with too much heat,so be causious with this practice………Blessings…….George


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