Last night two families joined us for dinner (East Indian food – yum!), including four children between the ages of three and ten. To keep the kids entertained I pulled out a big bin of Lego left over from when my own brood was little. Our young guests had a grand time building all sorts of things. But what fascinated me was watching the three year old girl. While she enjoyed playing with the Lego, she was more intent on locating everything in the box that was NOT Lego. She found two Pokemon cards, an old twist tie, a few coins and part of a Yu-Gi-Oh card. She came to the dinner table carrying her treasures with pride. When I found her a little cloth ‘treasure bag’ to put them in she was over the moon.

We’re currently going through some pretty challenging times with our teenage son and I struggle every day with knowing what to do and not do, or say and not say.  So it did my heart good to be reminded that something as simple as a cloth bag can put a smile on a child’s face.

I know having young children is exhausing. But for the most part, it’s also uncomplicated (as long as your children are healthy). Their needs and desires are pretty simple. It’s not until you get into the double digits with your kids that the complication gauge gets turned up a few notches. Lately I’ve felt as though that gauge has been cranked all the way to Extreme.

Would I want to send my teenager back in time to when he was three again? No, of course not. But one day of uncomplicated would be pretty nice. In fact one day of uncomplicated would be a gift from heaven right now!


One thought on “Uncomplicated

  1. Good luck with that, Janet. 🙂

    I remember commenting to a friend (with almost-adult children) when Jade was still a baby, that I was looking forward to a day when it got easier. She said it didn’t get easier, just a different kind of hard. I didn’t really want to hear it then, but the message has sunk in by now. Goodness, what the heck did I sign up for, anyway? 😉


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