Spoiled Rotten

I have a sad confession to make. There has been far too much food these days going from my refrigerator to the compost bin. I try to use up the fruits and vegetables we buy, but almost every week lately I have discovered things that have turned from what could have been tasty additions to our meals into soggy, brown messes.

Part of the problem, I’ve discovered, is that I’m just not storing my produce properly. So today I found this, which I plan to post in a prominent spot on our kitchen bulletin board. I despise wasting food and really have pledged to do better.

What about you? Any tips you can pass on?


4 thoughts on “Spoiled Rotten

  1. Here’s what I can think of today…
    Figs, if you can get your hands on fresh ones, store well in paper egg cartons – one per hole. Avocados – I live alone so I eat half at a time. I leave the pit in the other half and store it pit-side down in an air-tight container for no more than a day or two. We all know about lemon keeping them from going brown! Carrots get bitter if they are stored anywhere near apples so I keep them out of ‘gassing distance’. I leave all the outer leaves and the stalk on the cauliflower for as long as possible. I store garlic in a garlic keeper on the counter. It’s made out of unglazed clay and has holes in it. I keep all my veg in corn-‘plastic’ bags, bags that are sold as breathable, or plastic bags with holes in them. Lettuce, chard and greens wilt a bit but can be brought back in cool water in the sink in about 20 minutes. I keep mushrooms in a paper bag. If they dry out, I rehydrate them in soups. When storing cut peppers or zucchini, I put a dry paper towel in with them so they don’t go slimy so fast.
    Bon appetit!


  2. I forgot to say that I re-use my bags. I re-use a lot of things in the kitchen unless they get moldy and can’t be cleaned – but I guess many of us are doing that!


  3. Oh Janet is that all, i thought maybe you were confessing to be spoiled-rotten like me 🙂 It’s just your vegetables. well i say; spoil them rotten, as in treat them very very well as in, eat them before they go bad. -to be eaten- that’s why they gave their life to you.
    I don’t want to brag, but i keep my fridge fairly empty, really we in the yukon don’t really need a fridge that badly anyway, we need to eat/drink what we buy.


  4. Hey, thanks for sharing, Janet! Some of us have small children and special diets and we cannot keep a “fairly empty” fridge because going to the grocery store every other day is a recipe for driving mama crazy! 😉

    Last week I very unfortunately let $20 worth of fish go bad in the fridge. We had a guest staying with us and his schedule was unpredictable and it was two different kinds of fish… ended up being in there for about 5 days and then I realized, ugh, not a good place to keep fish for that long!

    I had a lot of spinach today because the giant bag I got was starting to get a little wilty. I love that you can cook it up and it’s still great. 🙂


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