Multi-generational Clothing


Purse from the 50s, coat from the late 60s/early 70s, and boots from the 80s.

 Sorry about the low res photo. Something weird is happening with the photo editing program on my computer…whenever I crop a picture it gets all pixilated. Nonetheless, I couldn’t resist posting this photo of my ‘new’ coat and purse, purchased from a delightful lady who runs a vintage clothing store in Ottawa.  This woman is originally from France where she was raised by two apparently very adventuresome Doctors Without Borders parents.  Their work took them all over the world, and as a result, my friend says she didn’t accumulate a lot of things. Those that she did manage to keep took on special meaning for her. It’s only now that she’s ready to pass them along to someone else. She also goes on shopping trips to Paris and ships back trunkloads of vintage goods.

She’s quite the character and has regaled me with stories about the origins of her ‘little pleasures’. The purse (it’s fire-engine red!)was specially made for her mom in Paris. The workmanship is remarkable. The faux fur coat I believe she herself wore when she was younger. 

These items are a bit fragile so need to be treated with TLC, but they’re so much fun to wear and use!


3 thoughts on “Multi-generational Clothing

  1. It’s like having a grandmother again! Items have special meaning when they’re not disposable – including fashion. It isn’t just the item itself, although it’s certainly that, but the stories that come with them… the history or her-story, in this case.


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