Seeds Bring Hope

I ordered my vegetable seeds the other day, an act that always leaves me feeling hopeful. I’m hopeful it will be a warm spring, that Mother Nature will offer up good growing conditions this year for us gardeners, and that my plots will once again produce enough to feed family, friends and neighbours along with some extra for the local food bank. I’m also hopeful my garden will yield things I didn’t plant and can’t even predict at this point. It was I believe Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”.  Gardens can surprize you in ways you’d never imagine.

I expect the Taibhsearachd gardens will get off to a frenzied start this year, since I won’t be back from my Camino until late May. Because of that, I’m trying to keep things simple. This won’t be the year to experiment with exotic herbs or plants, nor will I be starting seeds indoors. It’ll just be the basics…root crops, salad fixings, common herbs, etc.  Nonetheless, just the thought of these ‘basics’ makes me drool!

Those of you who live in Whitehorse know how sad the produce at the local grocery stores has looked at times this winter (when the shelves are stocked at all – sometimes they look pretty bare!) so home-grown, freshly picked veggies and fruit, no matter how humble, will be a taste of heaven.


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