The Shoe Whisperer

Givenchys no less!

Some people bring home stray dogs. For me, it’s stray used shoes. I explain it this way to my husband, when I see him grinning as I walk in the door with yet another pair: it’s like picking berries. Even though you know it’s time to go home you just can’t stop picking because you can’t fathom leaving those juicy berries behind that are in your path.

I make regular trips to the local Sally Ann to see what treasures I can find, and inevitably I spot a pair of beautifully made leather shoes crying out for some attention. All the poor things want is a bit of spit and polish, but they’ve been left to languish at the back of the thrift store, forced to share overcrowded conditions with stinky cheapies that should have been relegated to the garbage years ago. Think how you would feel in that situation!

I’m afraid that’s where I, the shoe whisperer, come in. I just can’t find it in my heart to leave them there, so for a few dollars (far less than getting a dog from the pound) I rescue them, polish them up, and give them a new lease on life.

Well made shoes, if given a bit of care, will last for years. And if you buy classic styles in the first place, they won’t look out-of-place even 20 years later.

So here’s my plea to you: show your shoes some love. In return, they’ll be your loyal companions for a long time. However if you ignore my advise and want to rid yourself of them, please don’t take them to the Whitehorse Sally Ann. My closet really can’t handle another pair, no matter how well pedigreed they are!

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3 thoughts on “The Shoe Whisperer

  1. I love your love for shoes. I often buy mine at Sally Ann. The only shoes i actually spend money on, i am talking big money, are my hiking boots. Which ones will you wear for the Camino trail?


  2. You KNOW I’m onboard with the shoe fetish, although I can’t say that I have ever found used ones that fit me and are in good shape. Maybe I haven’t shopped in the right places! Your Sally Ann is a treasure-trove. Polishing is quite satisfying, I find.


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