Encounter With a Mutt

I had a strange encounter with a canine on the week-end. I had just finished a hike up a portion of Haeckel Hill when I crossed paths with a man walking two dogs. As I always do, I said hi to the dogs (and the man too of course) and kept on my merry way. But one of the dogs, a big gallimaufry of a thing, broke away from the man and started running towards me. I tried to stop him and get him to return to his ‘master’, but nothing doing. He stuck to me like glue and when I opened my car door, he hopped in and wouldn’t get out. After numerous attempts to lure him out, the man had to literally drag the animal from the car. I felt so bad because the dog was crying and didn’t want to leave.

The man said the dog was a stray and apologized for its ‘bad behavior’. I didn’t consider that bad behavior at all and under different circumstances I likely would have asked if I could bring the dog home.

I have no idea why that animal latched on to me. Maybe I looked like his real owner. I certainly didn’t get the sense he was being mistreated by the man who had been walking him. I take encounters with animals pretty seriously and wish I knew what that was all about. In a way I feel like I let the poor thing down. I can’t seem to get him out of my head.


2 thoughts on “Encounter With a Mutt

  1. That’s very sad – there are so many dogs in this town who are afraid of men. That’s what I attribute that behaviour to – bad memories. Poor guy 😦 (both the dog and the good guy who’s trying to turn the dog’s life around).


  2. Dogs remind me of words like faithful friend and loyalty and ‘walkies’. You’re about to go on the longest ‘walkie’ of your life and that’s what you were doing when you encountered this pooch. Maybe it says something about an encounter on your upcoming walk where you might meet with those qualities – maybe even in a dog. I’ve always found animals to be profound messengers from the unseen (to us) realm. What an interesting encounter!


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