Nine More Sleeps

I’ve packed. And unpacked. Packed again. Unpacked again. Rearranged. Sorted. Re-sorted. Hummed and hawed. Extra shoelaces (for a makeshift clothesline) or no extra shoelaces? A full roll of Leukotape (for blisters) or just a small bit wrapped around a piece of cardboard? The sleeping pad? Nope. Too heavy. The dress? Nope. Not necessary. The colourful silk scarf? You bet!

ENOUGH ALREADY! When I start obsessing over milligrams I know it’s time to hit the road. Sadly I still have nine more sleeps to go.  I’d best go rearrange my backpack again!


2 thoughts on “Nine More Sleeps

  1. Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and … have you packed your troubles – so you can drop them along the way? It’s such a wonderful concept. Take them over there, and leave them. Dump them, and come home lighter. Yay.


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