A Tale of Sleep Deprivation

Hello from bustling Burgos. When I first arrived here today it was quite an assault on the senses after the quiet of the wooded path, but wine and tapas in a sunny square near the big cathedral made me as right as rain.

Speaking of rain, I have a story to tell you about just how sleep deprived one can get on the Camino. Sleeping in rooms with up to 80 people, a number of whom appear to be vying for the World Snoring Championship, means it´s often difficult to get rest. I didn´t know just how tired I was until the other morning.

I had just started walking for the day and stopped at the local water fountain to fill up my water jug before going any further. I looked up at the sky and it looked like it might rain. I contemplated pulling out my rain gear. Just then, I got a good spinkle of water. Then it stopped altogether. A few seconds later, another good soak of water. Then nothing. ¨What a strange rain shower,¨I thought.

As I was struggling to pull my rain poncho from my pack (of course it was at the bottom!) I got more of this ´rain-no rain´action. It was only when I was putting on my poncho that I realized I was standing directly in front of a water sprinkler!!

That day, I had planned to stay in a little town called Tosantos because I had heard so many good reviews about the albergue. However when I arrived,+ something didn´t feel quite right, so I pushed on to the tiny village a couple of kilometres down the road.   It had an albergue and a bar, and little else, and once I had checked in I wondered if I´d made the right choice. But it turns out there were only three of us staying there that night, so I got the best rest I´ve had on the entire Camino. And the food – absolutely delicious. By the next morning I felt human again. So I guess it´s true what people say about the Camino providing exactly what you need at exactly the time you need it.


One thought on “A Tale of Sleep Deprivation

  1. When we were on our extended trip through Europe, Michael and I quickly learned not to go to the places recommended by the guidebooks as they were always flooded with the tourists who were following the same books we were. Even the restaurant next door to the one that was recommended was enough of a shift and we invariably had a better experience. Sounds like a similar scenario here you had with the sleeping accommodations!

    Glad to know you’re well-rested — I imagine your body has lots of repairs to do at the end of a long day of walking. Thanks for the regular updates!


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