Orisson to Roncesvalles – Part 4

By the time I had returned to the albergue after dinner, there were about 80 to 90 people making pre-bedtime preparations. Some were busy tending to their feet (several had angry looking blisters; so far I was, thankfully, blister free). Others were organizing their things or settling in for the night. This albergue, like most, had a policy of lights out at 10 p.m. sharp. Even though it wasn’t yet 10, some people were already sleeping.

I climbed into bed, ensuring I had my ear plugs with me, and in spite of all the bodies, I fell asleep fairly quickly.

At some point in the night though, I awoke. Ear plugs or not, there was a lot going on in that room. Jo Anne’s advice had been that when there was snoring I should just turn it into beautiful music. So that’s what I tried to do. In fact I even took out my ear plugs so I could listen more closely. From deep in my sleeping bag I pulled out my imaginary conductor’s wand and willed this orchestra to follow my cues. The difficulty was not being able to determine the time signature of this symphonic piece. Was it 4/4 time? No. 6/8 time? Definitely not. It wasn’t waltz time either. The fact was it had an ever changing time signature, and I fell asleep again trying to analyze the pattern.


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