Zubiri to Pamplona – Part 1

Walked today: 22 kilometres
Total walked so far: 69 kilometres

Once again today I was out on the trail by about 6:30, this time by myself. I was finding the combination of walking with people some of the time and walking alone at other times a good fit for me.

I travelled with the Arga River on my right, a stunning show of wildflowers on my left, and song bird sounds all around. I can’t remember feeling more at peace.

I stopped after a couple of hours to have breakfast on the trail: a ham and cheese sandwich I had made with groceries purchased yesterday. Four horses ate their breakfast with me. When I began hiking again, one of them walked along side me for quite some time: not in front of me, not behind me, but right beside me like a human walking companion. One of the Camino’s little gifts.

Arriving at the albergue in Pamplona, I found that Jo Anne and Moya had already showered and laundered their clothes. They were about to go buy groceries and wanted to know if I was interested in helping to cook a communal meal. Absolutely! I volunteered to be on salad duty and they provided the rest: pasta and salmon in a white cream sauce, wine, and strawberries and pastries for dessert.

Little did I know that over that meal I would have one of the most significant encounters of my entire trip.

Breakfast companions
My walking buddy


Window in old building
Another old window

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