Puenta la Reina to Estella – Part 2

Looking in my journal, I notice I wrote little on this day, probably because I was too tired. I remember walking part of the time on an old Roman road. It was rather hard on the feet but it gave me goosebumps thinking about the centuries of pilgrims that had walked on those very same stones.

I stopped in a little town called Lovea and soaked my feet in the icy cold water of the fountain in a children’s play area. It felt wonderful. I slowly ate my picnic lunch of cheese and chorizo sausage on bread, a bandywine tomato and a plum. Then I forced myself to go on, in spite of my strong desire to lay down in the grass and have a siesta.

I arrived in Estalla quite early in the afternoon. Once again it was fairly tight quarters at the albergue; this time nine bunks were wedged into one room. At this point though I was grateful just to have a bed, and I laid down and managed to have a short snooze.

This was the first albergue I had stayed where the fee for a night’s acommodation was by donation. Dinner and breakfast were also provided, again by donation. The man running the albergue whipped up a simple but very tasty risotto for dinner, along with a salad. I ate, helped clean up, and then I was in bed and out like a light in a matter of seconds. Thank God last night’s snorers were nowhere to be found.

My first sighting of red poppies. I was to see more of them in the days ahead.
I would love to come back here in the fall when the vines are laden with grapes.
Remnants of an old Roman road and bridge
Another view of the old Roman bridge
Olive trees
Bull unicycle in a toy store window
My sleeping quarters for the night

2 thoughts on “Puenta la Reina to Estella – Part 2

  1. Goodness! I’m glad to hear the snorers went on to other destinations. I think I’d have been tempted to stay a second night in Puenta la Reina just to avoid them!

    That reminds me … did you have very specific destinations in mind each day as you set out, or did you sometimes think you’d just go until you came to a place you felt like stopping?


  2. Hi Fawn. I had a general idea each day where I’d like to stop, and most of the time I did stop at that place. But a few times I still felt strong when I arrived so I kept going. And on one or two occasions I stopped short of my destination because my knees were giving me a lot of pain.

    Glad you’re enjoying the story. It was an amazing trip!


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