Estella to Los Arcos – Part 1

Distance walked today: 21.7 kilometres
Total distance travelled so far: 139.4 kilometres

What a difference a decent night’s sleep makes. I felt much more human when I woke up and was looking forward to today’s walk, where I would come to one of the iconic spots along the Camino, the pilgrim wine fountain at the Bodegas Irache. I’d heard all about this fountain from my research: one spout provides drinkable water; the other red wine. Unfortunately the fountain had not yet been turned on for the day when Jo Anne, Moya and myself arrived (we were there at about 7:30 in the morning) but we snapped some photos all the same. 

My travelling companions Jo Anne and Moya
Me trying in vain to get some wine from the fountain

Notice the brace on my left knee. It was continuing to give me a lot of pain, so much so that on this particular day I had put a second brace over the first one. It helped somewhat although I think I was cutting off my circulation in the process because when I looked down at my foot later in the day it was purple!


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