Estella to Los Arcos – Part 2

I was enjoying the combination of alone/social time. Part of my day I would walk with friends – today it was Jo Anne and Moya for some of the time, Candice and Emily for some of the time, and for the rest of the day I mostly walked by myself. There would of course be occasions where I would meet up with a new pilgrim, walk and chat with them for a while, and then either they would move ahead of me or I would pass them, depending on our individual walking paces.

Today I had some new walking companions…snails. They seemed to be everywhere and I had to work at not accidentally stepping on any of them. In some ways those snails and I were no different: they were walking with their belongings on their back just as I was. And to the cars whizzing along the highway that at times runs close to the Camino, I was moving at the pace of a snail.  So as I walked passed one snail I tipped my hat and gave it the traditional pilgrim greeting: “Buen Camino”. Hmmmm…maybe I was spending too much time by myself!

Communing with the snails

It was garden planting time on the Camino. This plot is already well on its way. It was tempting not to reach out and sample one of those sweet leaves but I restrained myself.
Today's picnic lunch. The struggle is always to find a balance between having enough food but not carrying any more weight than was necessary. The store keepers must be amused to watch pilgrims like myself agonize over our purchases: one apple or two? A big chocolate bar or a small one? Generally I always opted for more than less, since I didn't want to be caught with no food at all with me.
It seems so odd to see holly in the spring!
(Above and below) Two more specimens for the Camino shoe museum!


I was fascinated by the doors on some of the old buildings.
Another old door
Part of tonight's communal meal: lentil soup.


Jo-Anne makes the soup while David, below, whips up the salad. I never went hungry, that's for sure!


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