Viana to Ventosa – Part 2

When I arrived at the albergue at Ventosa, Jo Anne and Moya were there. We greeted one another as if we were old friends. The Camino is funny that way…you can walk with someone for a few days and all of a sudden they become very dear to you.

The albergue itself was gorgeous with a beautiful kitchen, lovely big bathrooms with lots of hot water and a great back yard. Difinitely this was the nicest albergue I had stayed in so far.

Because the kitchen was so well equipped a group of us decided to cook dinner there. Surprizingly the woman who ran the albergue had a tiny grocery store near her office. When she opened it for us we were amazed to find everything from fresh veggies to canned goods to wine. This albergue even had its own wine label!

We decided on a pasta dish with tomatoes and zuccini, with a fruit salad for dessert. Chris, a young lad from Singapore who is about Iris’ age, came ‘shopping’ with us. He wanted to learn how to cook and so asked if he could join us in the kitchen to observe. Chris and I were to cross paths again in the days ahead; more about him later.

Remains of an old medieval pilgrims' hospital.
Tile roofs
Kittens peaking out of a hole in the hay pile.
Wine from our albergue
Walking sticks in the boot room of our albergue. I put little purple hair elastics near the handles of mine so I could quickly identify them.

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