Ventosa to Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Part 2

Today’s walk was a long one, although quite beautiful. I was in the heart of wine country and passed acres and acres of vinyards, with the vines growing in soil so rocky you’d think nothing could survive. I also passed canola fields that marked the landscape with their swatches of bright yellow.

The stork nests were starting to appear too, which I was very excited about. They were absolutely beautiful!  When I later reviewed my Camino photos after my trip, I chuckled at the dozens of photos I took of storks. Clearly they became somewhat of an obsession of mine.

Note the rocky soil in this vinyard!
Balconies with shell motif. The shell has become a symbol of the Camino and is seen everywhere.
Totems, created over the years by pilgrims
Canola field
More shadows, this time of Jo Anne, Moya and myself.
Storks and their nests on top of a church tower

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