Granon to Villambistia – Part 1

Distance walked: 23.7 kilometres
Total walked so far: 247.9 kilometres

I knew I was tired. Sleeping in albergues, it’s rare for a person to get a good night’s sleep. Added to that was the fact that I’d gotten very little rest last night after the drama with the leaking skylight. However I didn’t know just how tired I really was until an incident that happened first thing on this particular day.

I had stopped on the way out of Granon to fill my water bottle at a fountain in the town. The sky was looking grey and I wondered if it would start raining again. I debated whether to put my raincoat on. Just then, as if in reply to my question, a heavy sprinkle of water hit me head on, soaking my pants and t-shirt. I quickly dug around in my pack for my coat (why was it that my rain coat always ended up at the very bottom?). Then the rain stopped, suddenly. A couple of second later, another splash of water hit me. Again it was short lived. 

“What a strange rainfall this is,” I thought to myself as I struggled into my coat. Then I noticed something on the grass. Right in front of me. Not three feet away. An oscillating sprinkler. And it was turned on. That was my rain shower. 

I shook an imaginary fist at the Camino gods. This was going to send them into absolute hysterics. 

“Enough,” I said to them. “It’s time to stop your pranks and find me some deep, uninterrupted, restful sleep.” Then I stuffed my raincoat back in my backpack, did a few stretches (the knees were thankfully feeling a bit better) and set off down the road.

One of the many depictions of St. James as a pilgrim, found along the Camino
Balcony in Granon
Another in my door collection
Church built into the limestone cliff

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