Burgos to Hontanas – Part 1

Walked today: 32 kilometres
Total travelled so far: 322.8 kilometres 

It was still fairly early in the morning; Jo Anne, Moya and I had been walking for a couple of hours. We had left Burgos behind and were back in the countryside again. The sun was casting shadows of our silhouettes onto the dewy green grass to our right. 

We had been chatting, but suddenly all three of us became quiet, our eyes drawn to something none of us could quite believe we were seeing. 

Jo Anne spoke first. She asked if we could see the aura that was around the shadow of her head. I couldn’t see her’s, but I could see one around my own head’s shadow. It was a band of white, about six inches or so in thickness. In all my life I’d never witnessed such a thing. Jo Anne and I turned to Moya. No, she couldn’t see either of ours, but she told us there was definitely one around the shadow of her head. 

It was one of those bizarre Camino moments that just don’t translate very well to a non-Camino reader. And unless someone had secretly spiked our cafe con leche (well, tea for me since I don’t drink coffee), we were all three totally sober. 

I think we wanted to believe this was some kind of a mystical experience that was happening because we were on a spiritual pilgrimage. I took a photo of my shadow and was disappointed to see that no aura showed up in the picture. 

In the end we had to admit it most likely had something to do with the angle of the sun hitting us and the wet grass. Even so, a part of me wonders if the Camino gods weren’t just up to their old tricks again. 

My shadow, with no aura in sight. Although now that I look closer, what are those white patches on either side of my neck?

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