Villambistia to Burgos – Part 1

Distance travelled: 42.9 kilometres
Total travelled so far: 290.8 kilometres

A lot of pilgrims tend to divide their Camino into four sections, based on the major cities located along the route. First there is Burgos, then Leon, after that comes Astorga, and then it is just a hop, skip and a jump to Santiago. For days now I had been anticipating getting to Burgos. Today was the day it would happen.

I had decided I was not prepared to walk through the busy and rumoured ugly industrial section of the city into its core. I had read the racing transport trucks and lack of proper pedestrial paths made the walking downright dangerous in that section of the Camino. So I resolved to go as far as my legs would carry me and then take a bus into the city.

As I started walking that day, I felt terrific. My knees were much better and the weather was perfect. And I was excited about getting to Burgos. It was going to be a great day.

More stork nests
And more beautiful flowers. I was seeing new species every day.

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