Hontanas to Boadilla del Camino – Part 1

Walked today: 29.5 kilometres
Total distance travelled: 352.3 kilometres 

Once again I started my day walking with Jo Anne and Moya (no halos today!). The most memorable part of my morning was coming to the ruins of an old convent, Convento de San Anton. This was an ancient monastery that had been run by the Antonine Order (founded in France in the 11th century and connected to the work of the hermit Saint Anthony who was the patron saint of animals). The Order was known for its ability to cure the skin disease St. Anthony’s Fire, which was apparently very common in the Middle Ages, especially among the poor. The disease often led to death. This Order is said to have used its sacred symbol the T shaped cross known as the Tau, which stood for divine protection against evil and sickness, in its healing practices. 

This place was incredibly beautiful and haunting. It had a feeling of profound sadness about it though. I’m sure if the walls could talk they would tell some heartbreaking stories.

Approaching the monastery
One of its crumbling windows
Detail over door
Sadly leaving San Anton behind

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