Hontanas to Boadilla del Camino – Part 4

The albergue in Boadilla del Camino (En El Camino) is on my top five list in terms of the most welcoming lodgings on the route; it was like an oasis in the desert. We were warmly greeted by a fellow who, although Spanish, had lived in London, Ontario for a time and so knew a bit about Canada. He also had an uncanny ability to look at someone he’d never met before and know what country they were from and therefore what language he needed to use when speaking to them.

The albergue had a beautiful back yard with a patio, a big lawn, a swimming pool (although covered when we were there), and flowers growing in unusual looking planters. Clearly someone here had an artistic bent. It turns out the artist was the hospitalario’s mother, whose paintings hung in the dining area. 

Jo Anne had stayed here before so she told Moya, who as you remember came here by taxi, to ask for the small rooms available in the main house (the albergue was in another building on the property). She and Moya stayed in a double room with real sheets (Jo Anne was most excited about the lace on the pillow cases). I was almost as lucky in that I too only had to share my room with one other person (Stefan), even though there were several beds in the room. I worried that Stefan would be uncomfortable sleeping with just me in the room, but that didn’t seem to bother him. On the Camino co-ed sleeping arrangements are a given and everyone just gets used to it.

Backyard of the albergue
Pilgrims resting and tending to their feet by a series of statues in the back yard.

Our hospitalario (on the right) serving us breakfast. On the left is Tom, the older fellow from Ireland, still wearing his woolen sweater in spite of summer-like temperatures.

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