Sometimes Life Sucks

Forgive me while I take a break from the Camino, but something happened today that has me very upset and I must vent. My son is in a band with three other Yukoners, and for the past few weeks they have been on a cross country tour. They’ve had a great time and the gigs have been going really well.

Last night they arrived in Toronto, where they stayed the night at my brother’s place. They parked their van on the street; in the morning it was gone, along with all their equipment, all their clothes, everything. They have been left with the clothes on their backs and that’s it.

Of course they’re dealing with the police but I don’t hold out much hope this stuff will be recovered. They posted something on Craig’s List and a woman wrote back to say that she had seen someone selling musical equipment out of a van in North York. The license plate didn’t check out but of course it’s easy enough to switch plates.

I feel so bad for these guys. I think they’re in shock right now, not knowing what to do. They had to cancel their gig for tonight in Toronto and I think they’ve basically figured their tour is over. They were planning to go to N.S. where two of them would be staying there to live for a while.  Alan is now talking about flying to Nova Scotia, if he can afford it.

Sometimes life just sucks big time!


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