Carrion de Los Condos to Terradillos de Los Templarios

Distance walked today: 26.8 kilometres
Total travelled so far: 405.6 kilometres

Today was the most difficult day yet for me on the Camino. The landscape was uninspiring, or perhaps it was just my frame of mind. I had to walk a fair bit of the time by the busy N-120 highway – not fun. The first 17 kilometres of the day offered no bars, fountains or shade and temperatures soared to 30 degrees. Being the red haired, fair skinned person that I am, I don’t do well in the sun.

What was really weighing on my mind though was the next stage of my journey, where I’d have to walk almost a full day with no shade or chance to buy food and drink along the way. I was worried about getting dehydrated or heat stroke.

Moya and Jo Anne had plans to take the train to Leon tomorrow, as they are short on time. Stubborn or stupid, I vowed to continue walking on my own. However the Camino gods weren’t done with me yet; they had something else up their sleeve.  

Sunrise, leaving Carrion de Los Condos...the only photo I took the whole day.

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