Sanktuary Update

Still no luck locating any of Sanktuary’s equipment or their van. I am thinking about setting up a bank account in case any of our friends wish to donate a bit of cash to help the band replace their instruments (insurance will only cover the van itself and not its contents). Yukoners are a pretty generous lot in that regard. In any event, it’s time to get back on the Camino, where there too, life was throwing up some challenges.


2 thoughts on “Sanktuary Update

  1. The police found the van. It was nearby in an area inhabited by major league arseholes. They are dusting it for prints as I write this. Of course the gear is gone. I’ll be passing through the area often listening for people trying to play loud music. My guess is that they sold it though. I’m going to call around to see if any of my friends have any guitars or an electric bass for sale. The guys could borrow amps and drums at the gigs I’m sure. I’m having an open house this weekend, trying to sell our other house. If it sells I’ll borrow some money and get these guys back on the road. Right now I’m in debt from getting it ship shape to sell. There has to be a way…. -Roy


  2. Thanks Roy. I told Alan I would lend them some money too to get them back on the road. A family here in the Yukon has sent the boys $500…people are so generous here! And Cole’s mom is going to set up a Sanktuary benefit account at the Royal Bank here in Whitehorse on Monday morning.


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